The Customized Approach to Healthcare Office Designs You’ve Been Searching For

Design Development: Helping You Create a Better Tomorrow for Patients

Regardless of the current size of your medical practice, the trained and talented professionals at Medical Interior Design are ready and willing to customize our services to better fit both your needs and your budget. From hourly consulting to medical space planning and architectural services, we're prepared to help you achieve your goals through the increased productivity and satisfaction that you've always dreamed of.

hospital interior designSuperior Healthcare Office Designs for Your Superior Practice

Each medical space represents its own unique entity – this isn't something anyone can argue with. This is why we deeply believe that there is truly no “one size fits all” approach to healthcare office designs.

It's a process, but it's one that we will proudly stand by your side during from beginning to end and beyond. At Medical Interior Design, it isn't about getting it done – it's about getting it right.

Medical Interior Design Enable a Deeper, Innovative Level of Care

As a full-service healthcare office design and relocation firm, Medical Interior Design offers a wide range of design services to its clients, including the following:

  • Space Planning / Furniture Layouts: We'll help you optimize the amount of space you have available to you, increasing productivity and enhancing your environments in one fell swoop.
  • Furniture Specifications / Interior Finish Selections: Over the years we've developed relationships with multiple manufacturer sources, allowing us to negotiate the best possible prices and procurement to fit your needs.
  • Tenant Development: We're prepared to assist you with all tenant build-outs, expansions and more.
  • Project Management: We'll work closely with other project participants, from architects to sub-contractors, to help keep everything moving as smoothly as possible.
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Drawings: These allow us to provide accurate plans, assist with making document exchange easier than ever and ultimately help you achieve the ultimate level of design flexibility that you need.
  • Field Verification, Documentation and Drawings: We'll go over existing structures with a fine-toothed comb, including building and interior space measurements, to make the most informed and accurate decisions moving forward.
  • Design, Designation and Procurement of Furniture, Flooring, Windows, Treatments, Fabrics and More.
  • Remodel Space Planning.

Medical Interior Design: Providing Innovation in Three Simple Steps

At Medical Interior Design, we follow a detailed and actionable three step process for designing and implementing a plan to best suit your practice. This includes:

Concept Development

Design Development


Concept Development – Outlining Your Vision in a Dramatic and Humanistic Way

At Medical Interior Design, we use a work flow that considers any and all critical elements of a project, including:

  • Initial Review
  • Design Consultation
  • Traffic Flow
  • Size
  • Business Needs
  • Aesthetics
  • Image Creation

Design Development: Helping You Create a Better Tomorrow for Patients

In addition to our creative services, we're also prepared to oversee all aspects of the technical design and the management of the build-out through completion. All critical documentation is a part of the services that we offer at Medical Interior Design, including:
  • Floor Planning
  • Reflected Ceiling Plan
  • Finishing Plan
  • Furniture Schematic

Medical Interior Design Implementation is Easier Than You Think

At Medical Interior Design, we specialize in the implementation of concept and design in the way that will best fit your needs and exceed your expectations – end of story. If you're a physician, management consultant, administrator or developer that is considering moving to a new medical space or overhauling an existing one, don't delay – call Medical Interior Design today at 949.933.1403 for a consultation.