Leap Forward Into a Dramatic New Future With Medical Interior Design

Revitalize Your Organization Through Medical Interior Design

At Medical Interior Design, we're able to use our deep level of understanding with regards to all medical specialties to help you make the most informed decisions possible for your facilities. This in turn allows us to accommodate equipment and maintain both staff comfort and patient dignity at the same time.

Revitalize Your Organization Through Medical Interior Design

Catherine Erikson, AA, BS, Lead Designer

Modern Medical Interior DesignCatherine Erikson has more than ten years of experience as a Medical Interior Designer (MID). As both the owner and Lead Designer for MID, Catherine is proud to lead a talented team that consists of the top Designers, Design Assistants, CAD Drafters, Furniture Experts, Fabric and Color Specialists and more in the industry today.

Catherine specializes in advising clients on interior design factors like:

• Space Planning
• Layout Considerations
• Utilization of Furnishings
• Utilization of Other Equipment

Catherine can help clients determine other unique factors that may affect planning and interior environments like budget, purpose, function and even architectural preferences. She is prepared to advise clients on color schemes, fabrics, fittings and furniture – all of the elements that stand on their own but still come together to form the unique and cohesive whole that you've been waiting for.

Catherine and her team regularly coordinate with other professionals like contractors, architects, engineers, plumbers and more, all to help guarantee that each job is just as successful as the client hoped it could be. Together, they review and detail shop drawings for construction plans, estimate material requirements and costs and ultimately present the design to the client for approval.

After this part of the process is completed, Catherine and her team will get to work on subcontracting fabrication, installation and the arrangement of carpeting, fixtures, accessories, draperies, artwork, furniture and more. They can also formulate the best possible environmental plan to not only be as practical and aesthetic as possible, but also to be as conducive to the intended purposes as it can be for things like raising productivity, improving patient flow or even selling merchandise.

Catherine has proudly worked with clients not only all over the Untied States, but also in Canada and China as well.

The Benefits of Medical Interior Design Are Only a Phone Call Away

At Medical Interior Design, we would like nothing more than to create the ultimate interior design that is the absolute best fit for your practice. If you're in the market for a trusted partner that you know you can depend on through all stages of the design and implementation process, don't delay – call 949.933.1403 for a consultation today.