The Important Role Circadian Rhythms Are Playing in Innovative Healthcare Design

The Important Role Circadian Rhythms Are Playing in Innovative Healthcare Design

Regardless of the specific project in front of you or the unique patients that you're trying to serve, the ultimate goal of innovative healthcare design is always the same: you're trying to create an environment where the highest level of care is easier than ever to achieve. This requires you to think about things from ALL angles, from the layout of a building to even the way technology is integrated. One of the more forward-thinking trends in this regard has to do with the simple concept of circadian rhythms, or the body's natural processes of going from sleepiness to being awake throughout the day. Even a concept as basic as this can make a huge impact in terms of care and overall quality of life, as many organizations are already starting to implement this concept in their innovative healthcare designs

Putting the “Healthcare” Back in Innovative Healthcare Design

One of the goals of any healthcare organization is always to provide a sense of normalcy to patients whenever possible. Due to restrictions inherent in the ways that healthcare facilities used to be designed, this often proved difficult. The hospitals and medical facilities of “yesteryear” tended to be cold, sterile environments that offered little to no exposure to natural light, for example. This could potentially cause patients to not only get confused as to when it's day versus nighttime, but could also lead to slower recovery times, emotional health issues to name a few psychological problems.

Taking circadian rhythms into consideration during the healthcare design process is an efficient way to address all of these issues in one fell swoop. Not only does it benefit the employees themselves as it allows their bodies to continue with their natural sleep cycles and helps keep them energetic throughout their shifts, but it also brings with it a host of unique benefits by way of patient care. It not only helps patients maintain a proper sleep cycle, but also aids in the body's own natural recovery processes. In a way, accounting for circadian rhythms in healthcare design provides yet another valuable tool to the healthcare practitioners themselves – it lets them use the patient's own body and its natural responses as a compliment to their own efforts, providing faster, higher quality care than ever before.

Innovative HealthCare Design Goes Beyond Having Plenty of Windows

Addressing the needs of the body's circadian rhythms in healthcare design goes beyond just using more windows and letting in more light than before. It can also involve the use of art with specific colors designed to optimize natural light, creating a calming and healing environment that ultimately improves the patient experience. It can be a great way to help put a patient at ease, giving them a better chance to help deal with the difficult healthcare situations they may be going through.

Many healthcare facilities are taking this idea one step further through innovative concepts like creating a light oasis, which is a specific point in a hospital or facility where patients can visit to actively seek out natural light. This may be an ideal compromise to environments where the importance of natural light and circadian rhythms has been acknowledged, but one or more physical conditions has made it difficult or impossible to just install more windows or to take similar steps.

Innovative Healthcare Design: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

From this perspective, success in innovative healthcare design is less about one massive change and more about small, incremental ones. There's no way to flip a switch and transform a facility into a state-of-the-art medical powerhouse – it's all about small changes like accounting for natural light and circadian rhythms that all combine into one incredibly powerful whole. This is the type of thinking that you need to do not only to position your organization for success, but to also accomplish the most important goal of all: guaranteeing the highest quality level of care and preserving the fragile quality of life for patients all over the world who walk through your door.

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